by Lunas

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Live recording done in a small room inside an undisclosed home.


released March 5, 2016

all recordings and performances done by the members of Lunas.
Mastered by Raul Cuellar at RiffRekordz

Special Thanks...
Robbie Boy: Prophet
Elijah: Ripping it on the mic




Lunas El Paso, Texas


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Track Name: Where You Are
Cuz where you are
is where you will be
so why not make it a better place?
Track Name: You Got Yours
You got your cutie pie
I've got my mistakes
You're gonna live forever

Are we not creatures of pain?
Are we not?
Track Name: What He Said
Talk back, back and forth
Helpless like an open sore
What can't you see from where you are?

Take in and never give
Help us to better live
Goodwill no matter who you are

No doubt I heard what he said
My hopes will never stray

Now standing in this room
Words fly but you'll never do
the things that people will need most

This world has everything
Live this life with the love you bring
It's really not that hard

No doubt I heard what he said
My hopes will never stray

It's really not that hard
Track Name: Everything
She said "Hey,
don't wait up.
Don't you want to go?"
He said "Hey,
don't forget
your plate's getting cold"

In your eyes I see peace
Choose to love what you see
Some words may be your home
And some sights may be your lover

And the weight of this truth is in me
All the time it goes by we are free
Let this joy just take you over
Let this joy just let you in


You're searching for truth
You'll get what you'll find within your eyes
I miss you so much but you're not alive
But now I know

I know you're everything
you're everything now
everything now

da da da dada da da da dada da da da dada da da da
Track Name: Self Destruct
Enemy on a mission
Enemy on a mission
Enemy on a mission
En e me on a mission

The words they come to your head
Now what is the constant threat
Pretending like we are dead

Self destructing me
Track Name: Stellar
Day and day you hear it out
But do you listen?
It breaks my soul
I lose control
I want to let it go
Never thought I'd feel this way
My heart is sinking its way out
Feel the numb here to stay

I'm vicious
I'm vicious
I want to give it up
I'm vicious
I'm vicious
I want to be the stars above

Yes I know
To let it out
But I feel so
Track Name: Informant
You're waiting
Our hopes are
In your hands
You're waiting
The good life
You could have